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Katie Does Miu Miu

Katie Holmes is the new face of Miu Miu - this is a early picture of one of the ad campaign's shots. She looks great here though I am sure that being Katie, she will automatically get slammed all over the place. What I think is weird is this dress. It looks like it has ink spilled all over it. Nw I am not saying it is terible, the one thing with Miuccia is that you MUST see her designs in person. They are often stunning works of art upon close view, but this particular piece photos like a dress with big old stains on it. Sorry darling but sometimes the truth is unavoidable. I just hope this does nto inspire a trend toward stained clothes as acceptable outerwear. Here I have spent all those years passing up every vintage piece that was not as close to perfect as I can find it - or so valuable or fabulous that the occasional small flaw is allowed and I could have potentially been stocking up all those stained garments and just waited for this moment.

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