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Oh No

If you are a regular reader you know how much I hate the blind bashing that goes on the web.
I have a particular ick for a certain pair of girls who have a wildly successful blog and yet don't allow comments or ever show their own photos (cowards).
One must be able to take it as good as you give it or its not a fair game.

That being said I have to tell you that I hate this dress that Kim Kardashian is wearing.
She looks gorgeous as usual but the dress is awful.
It's the type of dress that makes me worry about the future of vintage.
God forbid that is what is hanging on the racks of a thrift store in 50 years.
Though I doubt it would endure that long anyway....or maybe it would, which is a worse thought!

The fabric - shite
The cut - shite
The lining - Shitateous
The bubble hem - Uber Shite

The only two things this dress has going for it is that the colors are almost acceptable, though badly portrayed on the shitateous fabric, and the fact that it is a one shoulder dress, which is a favorite of mine and saves it approximately 2% of shiteness.....
and 98% shite is a very bad score

Sorry Kim, you do look fabulous, hair make-up,shies, body, but the dress?
That has got to go - preferrably into the nearest incinerator.


WendyB said...

You know, I really like the colors (though they're not for me) but the bubble hem is not right. BTW, what blog might you be talking about? ;-P

Miss Peelpants said...

Looks like a knee length dress she's tacked up to show the world what she had for breakfast.

Yeah, nice colours though!

Shrimpton Couture said...

why is stuff like this designed at all?
and you KNOW what blog I am talking about - Miss they somehow won a certain award over your blog- uh huh

BTW they totally slammed Heidi's vintage Galanos and Eva's vintage Dior. Do they know ANYTHING about couture. Like at all?

Angela Simmons said...

Kim looks funny in that, totally covered her curves. Where'd she get those, in the neighbor's trash? LOL

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