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More words of wisdom from Karl

I often sit with BNN on the entire day. My Guy and I run a few companies that are decidedly NOT fashion related so we have to keep up with the markets. Its gloomy to say the least. It all doom and the eventual loss of everything the free world has know financially. Blah blah blah.

I tend to be a bit of an optimist so I relentlessly listen for the contradictions in all the doom saying (and there are a lot) just so I can reassure myself that if those willing to just ride it out keep their heads and just look for the opportunity, things might just work out OK

That being said it was with a bit of relief that I can tell you that the age of Bling is over.

Karl has said so
(though Sean Puff P Diddy Daddy Combs trumped him a bit by saying the same thing a few weeks ago - but admittedly, that was in respect to Puff personally)
Karl's proclamation is for the world yo

"Bling is over," he declares in an interview with the International Herald Tribune. "Red-carpety-covered-with-rhinestones is out. I call it 'the new modesty'."

Cheap bling can go, that I have no problem with! But I thought bling was stuff like diamonds?

For those of you that agree that true bling goes beyond the rhinestones,
and that you must follow the decree Karl has set upon us,
ell honey, feel free to send your former bling directly to me

I will wear your diamonds and be the outcast of fashion society

I will protect your modesty by being the only bling hoarding bitch out there.

Diamonds only of course

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