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A Love it and uhmm Not sure

Chloe Sevigny was out and about yesterday and accessorized her outfit with this great little vintage brass and fabric bag.I love that she almost always wears something vintage when she goes out. Its how I think every girl should dress. I always have something vintage one even if its just a ring and not the whole ensemble. Its the modern way to wear vintage!

I am on the fence about the dress.
I saw a close-up of it and I think its one of those dresses that when you have it on and are moving and looking into a mirror, you are like, yeah that's hot. But then when it gets photos from just the slightest wrong angle and a few too many feet away, something about it goes wrong. It starts to look like its falling off or something.

Personally I think it would have looked better without the low sleeves,or even of they took it one step more and done a one shoulder Greek goddess-like swoop of fabric on the opposite side of the slit. Not that I am biased towards one shoulder dresses or anything
Oh no, not moi

Her legs look fucking fantastic though and those Jimmy Choos she is wearing?
Put me on the waiting list NOW!

Finally, as a total gratuitous self promotional shot - here is the bag I have on Shrimpton Couture that is a close cousin to the one Chloe is carrying. Same time period, but more structured.
These are pretty rare so don't freak when you see the hefty price tag.
If you do scoot over and fall in love, mention that this post took you there and I will give you 10% off the tag price AND you still get free shipping too!

Yeesh style critiquing and saing you money all in one post.
What more do you want from a girl?

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