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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Now Here's A REAL Celebrity Vintage Spot

Because she is wearing Shrimpton Couture of course!

Here is the beautiful Wendy Brandes in one of her Shrimpton Couture dresses.
Yep she is a repeater - a real celebrity Shrimpton girl!

Wendy blogs, and designs her own line of jewelry out of NYC.
Check out her stunning jewelry site here and go visit her blog here.
It's on MY daily read list and it will be on yours once you visit.

Wendy is also up for a weblog award so once you are at her site VOTE for her.
Don't let those mean Go Fug Yourself girls win!

She is lucky I love her cause otherwise I would have to call her and all the other bloggers up for the award horrible, terrible unprintable names, but only because I did not get shortlisted for the award. So congratulations, you are fabulous, blah blah beee-ach. (sorry had to sneak one teeny one in, I am just not THAT nice of a girl).

Now that I feel better, if you don't vote for her you will be on my name calling list too, bitch.


WendyB said...

Thank you, lady. Next year I'll nominate you!

petite and dynamite said...

great blog, great jewelry on Wendy B's site. Love reading it, need my daily fix.. LOL Kudos on the dress.. it's beautiful.

Shrimpton Couture said...

Wendy I will remember that

P&D thanks - Wendy is easy to make look good!

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