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Random Celebrity Post

If you can tell me who these photos are of on the first glance, I will call you a liar

I was shocked to find out they are of Lindsay Lohan. These are great photos and whoever styled them did a damn good job. They have a total 1970s vibe don't they? I had to post them just cause they are so good and becasue I just can't get over how LL looks so different here

I also MUST own these snake cuff bracelets. Can anyone tell me who they are by? If I follow my own track record of the ability to pick out the MOST expensive thing in an instant, they are probably Cartier or something and cost a few hundreds of thousands a piece. But maybe the vintage gods will smile upon me and they will be a somewhat reasonable price. Email me if you have seen them before!


WendyB said...

She gets a lot of stuff at Roseark, which carries my line. I know she wears their thin snake bracelets. I don't recognize these but that's a place to look, I guess.

Shrimpton Couture said...

If you find out you must let me know!

Tova Darling said...

In the second picture, I could've sworn she was Drew Barrymore. I was all excited at recognizing her at first glance. Guess not...

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