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Shrimpton Hearts MARNI

In the Fall of 2006 Marni used double knit gray jersey and from this rather unusual choice constructed an evening gown that Gemma Ward wore on the runway.

Style.com gave the show this review:

It's not easy to take those current buzzwords—"restraint," "sobriety," and "volume"—and interpret them in an understandable, attractive way. At Marni, however, Consuelo Castiglioni had it all worked out........The success of Marni's new minimalism came from the clever way Castiglioni treated offbeat combination's of fabric, texture, and color. She did slouchy, low-crotch menswear pants, and brought lightness and movement to a structured gray double-knit jersey top by patch working it to chiffon in the back. She also made sense of graphic cap-sleeve dresses........The collection made potentially somber tones of gray vibrate beautifully together, offset against navy, burgundy, and pale, plastery shades of pink and ecru. Marni's gentle rigor carried through to long, slim jersey evening dresses, high-belted in contrasting slivers of patent. These marked a bold step away from the loosely assembled, flower-print, hippie-dippy beginnings of the label, but the measure of its success lies in the fact that Castiglioni has moved forward in a way that seems less like a big departure than a natural progression along her own arty road..........

As of today on Shrimpton Couture you can now have that dress from that collection.

And what you cannot see in the runway shot is the spectacular and sexy back of this piece! It is totally slit from neck to waist!

Fall 2006 Runway Gown from MARNI

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