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I was recently invited as part of a group to test out the new L'oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes. Unlike regular mascara they coat your lashes with a little tube that they say lengthens up to 80%. I am a bit of a make-up junkie so I answered their query to try it for myself with a resounding Can you FedEx it? Sadly the answer was no, but I did get 2 tubes in the mail a week or so later. I have used it for a week now and I have to say that I am impressed! I already have fairly long lashes and for some reason almost every time I normally wear mascara I get those smudges on my upper lids - not very attractive when you are out at night thinking you look all hot and then you hit the bathroom and realize you look like Vogue beauty spread gone wrong.

You apply the white end first to coat you lashes and through trial and error I found that if you let that dry a minute before applying the top colored coat it works better. The black coat does lengthen - maybe not 80% but it does do a nice job (why do all the cosmetic companies make those ridiculous claims anyway - if mascara made your lashes triple in length we would have lashes hitting the tops of our brows!) They separate well and the product does not clump. It does not thicken as much as some out there, but all in all it was very good. For day time it is perfect, at night I added another coat on top of my good old Lancome mascara - I find the L'oreal one lacks a bit of darkness that another coat of a different brand solved.

It does NOT smudge - like at all.
That in itself gets huge bonus points from me!

The only other trick to this stuff is getting it off - the only thing that really works is water and lots of it. I finally resorted to just soaking my face in the shower and eventually "sliding " them off my lashes with a soft cloth to help. Though I do wonder how this would do at the beach! It would suck to go to a fab resort and have your mascara tubes running down your face after a swim. I think it would be fine though as it took some time and effort to remove them

Testing beauty stuff is fun! Send more my way peeps!
And if any of you big designers read this column, feel free to send me gowns, and of course some diamonds, and oh I could definitely test out a Bentley.
I am a discerning kind of bitch after all.

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