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JLo does Chanel

Have you notice the influx of highly structured dresses hitting the runway and red carpets? I always have a bit of a giggle about fashion and the hypocrisy of all those naysayers and people who bash the new. Before we go on to view JLo in her Chanel I present as proof that sometimes people are hypocrites, this picture Balenciaga Spring 2008:

Oh I remember this well. Everyone was bashing her and making fun of her.
The shape, the sandal.
All so wrong wrong wrong.

Wrong wrong wrong

Fast forward to when Spring actually happened (remember this was shown in the FALL of 2007 and she appeared in this in the winter months of 2007)
and what was the NUMBER ONE TEND OF LAST YEAR?

Gladiator sandals

And this year?

Structured, shaped, corseted, short dresses

Hypocrites may say their apologies to the fashion gods now, and if you have gladiators on your hypocritical closets you can add a few Hail Mary Janes to that apology.

Now part of the reason I say all this is that the dress Jennifer Lopez wore is also cutting edge. Its not pretty, its not classic, it's Chanel Haute Couture and it takes where Balenciaga began and then pushes that envelope by adding beading and intricate gathers.

But before you instantly go along with the almost guaranteed Go Fug Yourself judgment of horror at her ensemble, remember Jennifer and perhaps think with your own mind for a bit and instead of judging on the safebess of Jennifer's choice, judge the garment on its construction and ability to evoke and intricacy of workmanship and judge Jennifer on her ability ot carry off couture, which when done right is not clothing but art.

I say well done Jennifer

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WendyB said...

I say well done too, but that's because we're not crazed jealous bitches upset that other people get to go to nice parties in nice clothes.

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