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Its probably almost redundant to post this picture by now. Its circled the world a bazillion times over by now. However, I like it so I am going to post it anyway. Michelle Obama wore Wu, Jason Wu that is, and has now catapulted Wu into a sort of unspoken Designer Hall of Fame.

Interestingly enough HE found out about it like the rest of us - when it was broadcast on TV.

"I had no idea," the designer tells WWD, confessing that he only found out about the coup when Michelle appeared on television as he was watching the proceedings with friends. "I found out with everyone else - which was pretty fabulous, when you think about it."

Did you know that each Inauguration Ballgown is donated to the Smithsonian? Can you imagine the impact that must have on such a young designer? His gown will forever have its place in history. That's not bad for a 25 year old who has been designing since 2006. And he has a Canadian link too - even though he was born in Taiwan, he actually moved to Vancouver at the age of 9. He went to school in Connecticut and spent his final year of high school in Paris. Not a bad life if you can get it

Link here to see his Spring/Summer collection

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WendyB said...

The party I was at in DC over the weekend was at the museum where they show the First Ladies' gowns, so I finally got to see those. They only have relatively few out at once though. Some of them are apparently in very bad shape.

Angelina said...

Lovely dress - she chose well

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