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Vintage VS New

This morning I meandered over to my favorite site of new items - Net-A-Porter and while there go the idea for today's column.

I love vintage but I also love new.
A great dress is a great dress after all, right?

The advantage I have always seen in buying vintage over new is that you are the ONLY one to have a dress if it is vintage, unless you are one of the 35 woman in the world who can afford couture. Though I hear that most of them have a ton of vintage couture pieces in their closets too. Its the lust for the "only one" not necessarily the price tag,
though at times the two go hand in hand.

Sometimes people email me and say that though my items on Shrimpton Couture are lovely, they are out of their budget, which BTW is not necessarily true, I have an entire range of pricing, you can get dresses as low as $75 and accessories for $25 or less!
But I do have some super high priced items and will always have those
(Layaway girls that's all I have to say on that!)

But even my highest priced garments are still a bargain compared to the majority of the high end designer frocks out there today. And vintage is as well made (or better) the fabrics are as good (or better) and if you have a certain girl picking only perfect pieces and then making sure they are clean and fabulous...well you are shopping with me!

So with all that prelude in mind I thought it might be fun to do a bit of a comparison once in a while. There are so many pieces these days that draw their references from the past that I often see pieces that in 20 years are going to make it tough for vintage dealers to correctly place decade-wise.

Take this Roberto Cavalli gown that is newly listed today on Net-A-Porter:

Its a Roberto Cavalli gown and it is US $3,940

And here is my vintage version

Its not the exact same cut and I have to tell you that the color is bang on the Cavalli in real life - I am just at the mercy of my little, only semi-professional studio set-up and lighting.

Mine is a vintage Frank Usher gown, c the late 1970s, strapless and boned with a dramatic side swag that goes up the entire front and back of the gown. Its in perfect condition and you will NEVER see it on someone else no matter where you go.


This is not listed in full yet - its part of a 1/2 dozen new dresses I just posted yesterday - 3 new designer pieces and three 1940s day dresses (TO DIE)

If you need info NOW email me and we can hook you up

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Angelina said...

Gorgeous - the vintage version is wayyyyy better

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