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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Celebrity Vintage Spot

With the rebirth of the Leger label its tough to spot the vintage from the new these days. Its not like the relaunch went off the track design wise. I have it on good authority though that this ice blue bandage dress worn by Rachel Weiss is the real thing - a 1980's Hervé Leger.

In some behind the scenes news - make sure to jump to Shrimpton Couture this week for some spectacular separates. I am photoing and editing them today!

and in case you missed it - these pieces are just being finished today too and price and buy buttons will be added shortly

Chloe Bag

1980s Chanel - SOLD OUT

Peach Fendi


WendyB said...

OT, but I'm planning to wear the final Shrimpton piece tomorrow. Look out, world, here I come!

vintagedress said...

well i definitely LOVE vintage! and nice purses!

Mewer said...

ice blue Herve Leger is chilling!!! cooooool...I want the chloe, btw...

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