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VB Does A Good Dress

Being the good little fashionista that you are, I am sure that you are aware that Victoria Beckham launched a line of dresses this year. They are good. They are really, really good. They are superbly made, superbly cut and they fit to perfection. They are seamed for a long, lean line. They are boned and constructed inside to lift, sculpt and support - all in the manner of the old techniques combined with new fabrics. If you took they very, very best vintage wiggle dress you have ever seen and made it now - you would have her line.
You have to give credit where credit is due and she did good.

I am a huge fan and I cannot wait to get my hands on one
(or all - just don't tell My Guy how much they really are - promise me now)

These are the type of dresses that will last forever - these are future vintage.

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Ellen Hart said...

These are great styles. I appreciate the elegance and simplicity.

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