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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Well Hello Stranger

Photos are just coming out from fashion week. I was actually invited to go to some of the shows this season but my schedule did not allow me to go. So I am living vicariously through my fellow bloggers and fashionistas.

INO posted this shot of Rachel Zoe today.
Its so nice to see her out and about again - Rachel it's been awhile.

I know some of you hate her but I stand firm and hold an eternal soft spot for her.
I love the way she dresses and she is probably one of the few girls out there that reacts to vintage like I do so what's not to love?

I am like a year behind in seeing her show for the first time - it just got picked up here in Canada on Bravo and I am addicted. Yeah its sometimes corny as hell and yeah I could lose the whole assistant over dramatic parts, but the clothes....oh the wonderful magical clothes.

Though I do strongly feel that Rachel should come and see me during the Toronto Film Festival this year. MAYBE, and Oh I do mean maybe, I will let her into MY personal archives.
If only to hear her say I Die for myself.

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