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Dita Does Yellow

Dita Von Teese in a yellow silk satin dress that has decidedly vintage vibes but that I woukd bet $10 is NOT vintage. I think for the most part Dita has moved on from expensive vintage to expensive couture that looks just like vintage. She seems to have become somewhat of a muse to Elie Saab and Galliano at Dior. Does anyone remember off hand seeing this dress at either? I am too lazy to look after all the activities of last night. I love love love this dress but it seems to be a tad big or something? Is it just me? It looks like it should have gone to the seamstress before making an outing so it fit perfectly! I do love the pairing of the red shoe with the bright citrus of the dress. And as usual her make-up and hair are impeccable.
Lovely Dita, just lovely

photos from Just Jared

My non-lazy reader Darlene properly identified the dress Dita wears as Christian Lacroix Fall 2008 RTW. My not-so-lazy-today self actually dug up a photo for you of the runway shot
Does anyone else find it it odd how stuff changes from the runway? I prefer the hitched up on the side and shorter hem. It would have worked better on Dita this way too. Then instead of looking too big around her hips it would have looked poufed on purpose big around the hips.
Sigh these designers should just call me - Serious I can help you with these things


melissa o said...

I agree...just a little too much fabric. A couple of inches of tailoring would have rocked this dress! The color is awesome, though!

Darlene said...

LaCroix Fall 2008 RTW. Colors are fabulous, pink and yellow but the cut is overwhelming her petite figure. Its making her look square.

Shrimpton Couture said...

Thanks Darlene!

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