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Real Life Vintage Spot - Ossie Clark

It seems Like I add Miss Wendy Brandes photo to this blog all the time but it can't be helped. First she loves vintage and especially Ossie Clark, and is one of my clients so I am biased. Second she wears her vintage and gets photo'd in it often so it's not like it's a hard thing to snag her photo.
Which is great for the rest of us

The Coveted recently went on a visit to NYC and spent some time with Wendy and took these photos which I have snagged from her site.

Wendy is wearing a delicious vintage Ossie Clark dress in a Celia Birtwell print

She wears her Ossie Clark in good company this month.
Julia Roberts appears in Allure in a similar vintage Ossie Clark

If you are lusting for a vintage Ossie Clark dress of your own, you can get one from me at Shrimpton Couture.
Right now I have this fabulous plunge front and slit backed cocktail length Ossie Clark black dress in moss crepe available.

It's perfection

This documented Ossie Clark in a Celia Birtwell print WAS available, but is now sold & gone. Wendy almost bought it but someone else snatched it up from under her!

Ossie also designed for Radley back in the 1970s and I have a few of those posted too. You can see the heavy Ossie influence in them can't you?

If you like this yellow moss crepe you better be tiny!

This printed silk chiffon halter dress is fantastic!
It has no back and yards and yards of silk in the skirt

This dress belongs to a Rachel Zoe type of girl.
Its all glamor goddess.
Fluid jersey, plunge halter neck, NO back at all and long ties that hang down from the neck.
It's swoon worthy

And I had to include this shot. Wendy designs jewelery and this shot showcases some of her work. Are these rings not fucking fabulous? When you pick out your dress you need some of these to match.

Now go shop for your Ossie Clark dress here!
Then go shop for your new jewels here!


WendyB said...

Oh, you make me feel like such a star! I foolishly dithered over the red and white Ossie for too long because it was so amazing it seemed like a museum piece to me and I was wondering how I'd take care of it properly. I should have bought it first and worried later!

K.Line said...

Great post. Wendy looks gorgeous!

Mewer said...

>_<~ ohhh ohhhh...if only I could buy more dresses...ohhhhh

Shrimpton Couture said...

Thanks K.Line!

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