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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Me in Vintage

Yesterday, I told you I bought these
(and they where 1/3 of the original cost for the person that asked)
I love how they look with bare legs but its still too bloody cold here to attempt that yet.
Red blotchy from the cold legs are just not hot no matter what matter of leather lusciousness they are encased in.

Today I had to run out and pick up, oh TWO DOZEN FABULOUS NEW DRESSES, for Shrimpton Couture so I thought I would give my new Balenciaga boots a whirl.
And I realized that I had not posted a single picture since I did the ole chop chop on the hair.
It's already growing out so I figure I better do it soon or it will be long again before you even get to see it. I know its not the best picture of the boots, but I do like how it makes me look like my feet are on backwards or something in the shot.

I wore them scrunched down today but cannot wait till its warmer to do the full high look over a bare leg.

Vintage wrap dress chopped, tights, Balenciaga boots & a vintage Whiting & Davis Gold snake necklace. I am also wearing my vintage Cartier ring that my guy got me for my anniversary but you can't see it. I paired it with a vintage 1950s Hermes kelly bag and a bright blue vintage cashmere Lanvin coat from my personal archives.


Mewer said...

Love the snake necklace...love your whole outfit, even if we can't really see the boots well...Still, YOU'RE SO LUCKY TO GET THEM (at that price, nonetheless)~~!!!

WendyB said...


Nina (femme rationale) said...

well, hello there, gorgeous!

Shrimpton Couture said...

Thanks guys (blush)

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