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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Victoria Beckham is The Queen of the Runway

Victoria Beckham's collection is a hit!

I did not even have the opportunity to try to justify buying a dress this morning. The entire line that went up for sale on Net-A-Porter is SOLD OUT.

I bet you Miss Beckham is doing a happy dance with David this morning.


Geometric silk dress

Ribbon print dress

Lombez crepe dress

Orthez strapless dress

Rousillion organza dress

Bidart tailored dress


Mewer said...

Wow...I'm surprised people still have that much money to spend (without any time to think). Makes me wonder if VB or DB went and bought up the whole collection to boost the line's popularity...OR, somebody pre-ordered the entire line...so that they can sell it off at a higher price somewhere else...

@_@ ok, sorry...yes, I do think too much...I'll stray away from the conspiracy theories now ...>_<~

Jillian said...

She looks good in that dress. Wow, I cannot believe they all sold either. This is very interesting...

Shrimpton Couture said...

Every one and I heard they only made 400 of each - but are going up to 700 for the next season

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