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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Marisa Tomei in a 1970s inspired one shoulder color blocked Juan Carlos Obando.

I really like this dress but wish I could see the back of it. Do you see the strap at the shoulder that is black to pick up the black panel of the skirt? Do you think it is just a few inches long and meets a triangle of fabric that looks just like the front? Or maybe it swoops down and the back is draped? Me, I would have added a string of turquoise stones so it was weighted and allows the strap to hang down her back like jewelry.
I bet its not that though.
After all I was not consulted.

If you find a picture of the back send or post the URL so we can see it please

She wore two matched Verdura cuffs which look quite nice. I have always loved the look of two matched cuffs worn at once - or you can do an armful of bracelets - different sizes but when combined they create a equal width to mimic cuffs. I have a bit of a thing for red & gold Hermes bracelets. I have both vintage and new and every once in a while I will throw on a black shift and then just pile on every piece I own creating about 5 inches on each wrist.

Just yesterday I stumbled across NYC jewelry designer Kara Ross.
She sells on Net-A-Porter and has her own site where you can see the full line.
Her stuff is very 1970s so I instantly fell in love.
Check it out here

When I saw this picture of Marisa a couple of days ago I sort of flashed by it, but after looking through Kara's site I went back and dug it up. Kara does these amazing cuffs herself and I remembered Marissa was wearing a pair. So I first went back to see if the ones worn by Marissa were Kara's. They aren't as you already know but maybe they should have been.

Check out the three options I pulled from Kara's site

Aren't they just fabulous? I am in love.
I think that pop of color would have been marvelous with this dress.
But then again maybe they would have gone with the dress with the back that is in my imagination.

And don't be sad Marissa when you see this and realize you could have used these instead.
There will be other dresses


Mewer said...

Kara Ross is awesome!

Shrimpton Couture said...

She is! And she is super nice too

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