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Day To Night

I learned today that I suck at taking snapshots - its harder then it looks to get a good shot - especially when a girl is in a rush! I am just running out the door and don't have time for a redo so you will have to take what you can get. I thought I would take some shots of what I am wearing today - I am popping out to a quasi-business lunch and then have cocktail and dinner party event planned for later this evening. I have to go straight from one to the other so its a good post to show how I do a day to night look when I know I cannot get home in-between events. I am not wearing a ton of vintage today, but as usual I do have one piece on!

Gucci silk print dress, vintage 1970s jacket, black tights, Marni platforms & Birkin

Same dress & shoes, ditched the blazer and changed to Jimmy Choo Leopard print bag I will probably throw on a few big gold pieces from the 1970s too just to add some pop

I love how the red print silk of the dress play off the leopard print.
I will need a brighter lipstick then this when I actually go out later

And did you notice that I went just a touch darker again?
I think I like it better - though I still am tempted to go just a touch shorter in length.
I am really starting to like this short hair look now that I am getting use to styling it.

I saw this picture today of Jean Seberg and I think my next haircut (and night time event - don't you love the short hair with the girlie girl dress??) will get's its inspiration from this picture!


WendyB said...

You look mah-vel-ous.

Anonymous said...

Very Fierce
Mr Anonymous!!

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