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Real Life Vintage Spot - Karla

I had to post these for you.

At first glance you will think that this is a cute vintage dress, interesting back, nice flutter sleeves. And she has style it well - white paired with opaque black tights & shoes, black bag. All wonderful and the first shot is genius, with the short hair cut and the curve of her back working against the curve of that flamboyant little swag at the back of the dress.

But here's the catch. Karla, of Karla's Closet, has taken a vintage WEDDING dress and chopped it super short.
It should not work
But it does
Never in a million years would I have thought of doing this nor have a seen a wedding dress converted in such a dramatic way before without actually attempting to do a major reconstruct of the entire thing. My Guy reminded me of that episode of Project Runway where they had to re-do wedding gowns and not a single one really worked out. Its just not the easiest thing to do.

When is the last time you saw someone walking around in a wedding dress for day?
I know salespeople tell you that you can dye them or revamp them or rework them, both the wedding gowns and the (for the most part) awful bridesmaid dresses. But when have you actually seen someone do it in a way that worked?

Its crazy and nutty and I am impressed that she thought of it and manages to pull it off.
Makes me want to raid that sad ass rack of old gowns at the local thrift.


that girl nanna said...

Wow, cant believe its actually a wedding dress! .- it so cute!. I so agree with you, what this girl has done should simply not be possible.. amazing

karla said...

thanks for the feature :) ps. it has become a secret hobby of mine to find ugly wedding dressed and chop the bottom half off. currently looking for one with a really bouffant skirt thingy.

fabulous finds said...

fabulously done! but what warmed my heart...was that "your guy" reminded you...of the project runway episode...how adorable is that?

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