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Spotted - Joy Bryant in Missoni

Joy Bryant wore this gorgeous Missoni dress to the Woman's World Award in Vienna. I love the beading and the strong vintage influence. Rachel Zoe styles Joy and I bet we will see some of her outfits on season two of Rachel's show.

I can't help but look at that dress and think it sits too low.
Maybe its just a bad shot taken for the two seconds it slid down but it still looks too low.
I am sure its enough to get her fugged for it - mark my words.

In any case I would have liked to see this same piece with a dramatic beaded neck collar that picks up the beaded shape that is there but in reverse - don't you think that would have looked fabulous? It would have also held it up and in place. Its tough to put weight at the neckline of a strapless piece and not have it migrate downwards.

I tried to find something with the collar I had in my head but this is the best I could come up with without searching for hours.
It gives you the idea though

I did find these pieces on Net-A-Porter that illustrate what I mean as well.
They are necklaces but have the shape that I have in my head.
Can you imagine these as the top collar part of a gown like Joy's?

Where, once it hits about mid-necklace it's actually attached to the dress?

Metal geometric necklace

By Malene Birger
Artsan plate necklace

And since I had to go to all that effort in looking through the new items in today at Net-A-Porter, I could not help but spot these two newly listed pieces from Missoni and share them with you. They too would have rocked with a dramatic collar neckline but I still like them strapless and as they are. Plus I am looking at them with freshly fallen SNOW out my window (serious) so it's a bit hard to think strapless tropical summer weather at the moment.

I like this one - its for the girl that has to have the classic Missoni print so everyone knows she is wearing Missoni

Artico strapless jumpsuit

And I am seriously being tempted to actually BUY this one. Its a little more subtle and looks like it would drape better on a real body.
But I won't actually buy it unless someone out there feels like dropping a HUGE was of cash on vintage today at Shrimpton Couture

Damn economy - can someone hurry up and fix it please?

Brest woven jumpsuit

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