We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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I have done a major chop as alluded to in a previous post.
I now have a little boy cut - I have the exact same cut as my best friend in grade 5
his name was Sam. I am never sure whether to feel horrifically geeky now or fabulously avant garde. I think until I get use to it I fall on the geeky side

I am still experimenting on how to style this and what shade to keep it at.
This is a pretty conservative version of medium brown.
It's very freeing to have hair this short and I am actually tempted to go a touch shorter

Vintage Pierre Cardin Coat over skinny black pants, Gucci Boots,
Marc by Marc Jacobs Fold Over Clutch, vintage Cartier ring


Alice Saga said...

Love your crop!!!

I would Never dare.


WendyB said...

So chic!

Krystal said...

first off--LOVE the new cut!! it is so fabulous! i have been wanting to cut mine all off again, and this is just another nudge in that direction! and second, LOVE the outfit...goes without saying x

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