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Cannot Wait!

For the North American opening of Coco Avant Chanel starring Audrey Tatou as the great designer. And until then we get to see her make the publicity rounds in gorgeous Chanel Couture!
On another note, I am quite pleased to tell you that both the blog and myself are gaining in popularity to the point where i am now getting mean comments! I use to write for a paper a long time ago and got some hate mail and ran into my editors office sobbing and wanting to quit. He sat me down and said,

Young lady do you know how many years I wrote before I got hate mail?
It means people are actually reading what you write!

Well that is easier to say then to take - it is surprisingly hurtful to get negative feedback on something you write and do out of love. The comments are on some of my pricing and I have decided to just leave em - I am a big girl, I can take it. The comments left on "needless mark-ups" both amuse me and make me a little sad too. The cost of an item 40 years ago is not relevant to its market value today. Original Biba pieces where sold for insanely small amounts of money and where meant to be disposable. And boy you should see the prices they fetch now! If I had a closet of the first round of Biba produced I would be set for life! That is one of the reasons vintage shopping is so interesting. Items are valued based on market conditions, rarity and good old desirability. If Mr or Ms anonymous thinks they can get a great bright printed "real" Emilio Pucci in a maxi length that is in perfect condition for $450 that is great and maybe you could leave comments for the rest of us telling us where? The last few "real" Pucci's that fit that description that I bought for myself where all about $1200 -$1500 and the one I saw in LA that I REALLY wanted was oh about $5000 at a very famous vintage store. And it would have been worth every penny too!

And no I did not buy the Loper on Ebay for "about 30 bucks". It has been in my own collection for about 5 years and it was purchased from a fellow dealer right here in Toronto - I can put you in touch if you wish. Maybe they bought it on eBay (though I doubt it) and if they did then good on them for spotting an incredible bargain! That is what it is all about - fun, collecting, falling in love with beautiful pieces and getting those pieces that you absolutely love.
If my pieces do not fit your budget or taste, then you can try any of my fabulous fellow dealers & friends that all do great work too.
Now can we please go back to positive commenting & loving vintage?


WendyB said...

Oh, I get dumb pricing comments from people too, often on pieces that I don't even make my full margin on. I want to just let them loose in the diamond district of NYC and say, "You do it. Go find someone who will do my kind of work for a 10th of the price." Incidentally, I got one of my favorite dresses -- Donald Brooks Couture -- on eBay for $60. I'm sure it should have been 20X that much. Just because someone was foolish enough to sell it to me for a song doesn't mean I am obligated to sell it for $120!

Rosie Unknown said...

Aww, people can be so nasty sometimes! They only represent a small fraction of the population though! There are a lot of us out there who really do appreciate what you do, and understand why you charge the amounts that you do!

Tyra said...

What a stupid person to leave ignorant comments like that. Your stuff is great and priced WAY less then the shops here in NYC!! And you have a better selection too. If that Pucci fit me I would buy just to show support. What a LOSER

Anonymous said...

Results from the March 10th Auction
at Kerry Taylor auctions.

Biba...Lot 1027....published documentation...2 outfits
Hammer...L 200.00..$293.37

Pucci.. Lot 1073...print dress
Hammer...L 180.00..$264.03

Pucci for Formfit Redgers..Lot 1160
print dress
Hammer..L 80.00....$ 117.00

Pucci....Lot 280...print dress
Hammer..L 280.00..$410.72

The results speak for themselves


Christine said...

Dear Anonymous - do you even have a life? Sorry to swear on your blog Shrimpton but are you for fucking real? You rattle off some hammer prices. Have you ever been in a high end vintage store? I bet most of those pieces end up on racks for thousands of dollars. You must be an extremely pathetic and jealous person to be posting this stuff at this blog. Her stuff rocks and you should go away

Sandra @ Debutanteclothing.com said...

I'm not sure where these nasty comments are being posted, but I am sorry if people are being insulting Cherie because I know your prices are fair and well researched.

Hammer prices at auction and retail prices have nothing to do with each other. While auction prices may reflect fair market, it takes a person a bit more effort to realize those prices.

Retail prices reflect convenience cost too! People often forget this. So yes, you may get it cheaper at auction, but you have to be present, online or in person, to get a chance to bid. Online retail stores are there, open 24 hours for you to shop. That should be worth something.

Jeffery said...

So in an attempt to prove your childish point you thought to use an auction that has taken place in one of the WORST economic time periods in recent history, cherry picked the ones you chose to show, disregarding condition or aesthetics, converted the auction prices from pounds (and may I add that the pound is seeing one of its lowest conversion rates in years and did not take into account the 20% buyers premium or VAT on the final hammer, nor did you count shipping costs. You chose to take your information from one of the least known auction houses rather then on of the bigger US ones.
I run a vintage store on the west coast and the prices on this site are fair and across the board under what I would have to sell them for here in my shop in order to meet my overhead costs, obtaining costs and everyday business costs.
I read this blog every day and enjoy it and the person who writes it. To make such comments illustrates your level of ignorance of running a successful business and I do hope you do not shop with me either as you most certainly would not be welcome.

Anonymous said...

I've read your blog for a while but have never commented before, but it's always posts like this that make me want to speak up..

lots of ladies who are brave enough to share their passion (Susie Bubble, Rumi Fashion Toast, Jane Sea of Shoes, etc.etc.) all have some terrible comments on blogs - admittedly, personal style blogs are different to what you do.

i don't always love what you write or agree with you, and i admit i am amazed at the prices of some of the pieces you post - probably because I don't share your passion for vintage. and posts like from your other readers above swearing at others who have legitimate points really doesn't help, eg. "Christine".. honestly, I don't think most ppl have been in a high end vintage store, and if they have, they are probably the type that have enough money to not be shocked at what are sometimes ridiculously high prices.

you write your blog for people to read - so you cannot complain when they disagree with you (though not excusing their disgusting language).. but in the end, your passion for what you do is what keeps you going, so just hold your head up high - ppl who agree with your prices will buy the items, ppl who don't probably can't afford them and won't buy them.

anyways, thank you for being brave enough to share - i know it must not be easy to put out honest feelings for random people to judge

Shrimpton Couture said...

Thanks for all the comments on either side. I appreciate it and love all my readers!! I am not going to give this any more time past this though.
My shop is my shop, my prices are my prices. I offer selections right across the range from $25 all the way to pieces in the thousands. And I will continue to do just that!
This is a strange business at times but it is still that - a business. Like any other retailer out there I too face difficult decisions on how to stay viable and get through these tough times.
My team and I have decided that the solution is to present the best possible products we can find. The cost of those items is determined by me based on my knowledge of this industry and what my clients who shop with me want to buy, but that is the privilege I get that is balanced out every day by the risks of running my business and having other people dependent on me being able to do so.
I hope every girl reading my blog will one day fall in love with her perfect dress here and do little happy dances when she gets her black box in the mail.
I put love and effort into every thing I do here at my blog and my site. Probably much more then I should. I often feel like stopping but then I get an email from someone on the other side of the world saying that their dress just came, fits like a glove and they love it.
So I do it for yet another day.
Just enjoy the blog (or not) shop with me (or not) and try to live your best life (do!)
Now back to normal blogging & business!!


WendyB said...

Doll, I feel like stopping every day too. Twice a day, in fact.

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