We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Pretty Picture

I am sorry I have been ignoring my blog this week. I am hard at work behind the scenes helping the web guy get the NEW site ready to launch. Its so much work but I finally went for it and am having a site custom designed so all my wonderful clients will be able to sort, search and view all the pretty vintage to their hearts content!

In the meantime I will post here and there as I break form that and surf the web for fun and toremind myself that, yes, there is a world outside of my desktop. This picture caught my eye on The Sartorialist. Are we really able to ditch the leggings for this year? Recreate this wonderful outfit with a pretty vintage spring dress under your trench



Paul Pincus said...

lotsa perfection. love this.

Yuka said...

perfectly put together. the shoes give it a nice edge.

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