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Spotted - The Great James Galanos

James Galanos is one of the most amazing designers and it would be an absolute HONOR if I was ever able to meet him. I absolutely love his work and do not own enough of it. He was also in attendance at the Valentino Premier.
Here he is pictures with Gelila Assefa at the event.

The only Galanos piece I have available for sale at the moment is this one

I am astounded it is still available, especially with the harem pant trend going on. Its a silk floral dress with big balloon sleeves, whose skirt is slit to the waist. Under that skirt is a silk harem pant in matching fabric. It is so far ahead of its time when you consider when it was designed it is not even funny. Seriously it is beautiful. Sometimes I am so sad how poorly the photographed image conveys things!

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inna said...

how much do you want for it?

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