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Spotted - Lots of Valentino

Lots of great Valentino pieces at the Valentino: The Last Emperor LA Premier.

Rachel Zoe was spotted wearing this asymmetrical dress. Is it just me or is she way toned down here? Is her hair shorter? Or is it just that she is not wearing her typical armful of bangles and bracelets? I have sort of noticed this a few times lately. I have to wonder if she is tweaking her own image? I just hope this does not mean she is going to abandon the whole hippie goddess look altogether. I love that look.
Although if she does maybe she will let me have all the gowns she will no longer wear.
I would of course let you all in on the ones that do not fit me :-)

Gwyneth Paltrow wore this tripped out mini and crazy shoes - a definite foray into the cutting edge for Valentino. I have seen close-ups on this dress and the seaming in impeccable. And her body is crazy ass cool in this outfit. I can't quite get a hold of it though. I love it then I don't , then I love it, then I don't. I have seen a close-up of it (will try to find to post for you to see) and the seaming on the bodice is fitted exactly to her chest - the bust seems actually land exactly at her nipple (sorry for the crassness - I could not think of any other way to describe it) so it is fitted perfectly. But the fit still seems off to me around the bust. Can't figure it out. Maybe it is just the color on her. She is looking gorgeous these days though. She is obviously keeping herself in fabulous shape!

And Anne Hathaway wore this wonderful sequin dress paired with gorgeous red shoes.
I love this whole look head to toe. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that sequins are back in the spotlight. I have a TON of vintage sequin pieces that I have been collecting. For years people would say uggh sequins why do you have those. Guess my little fashion crystal ball won that round huh? There are some beautiful pieces on the site now and I have blogged some of them before - link here for the post and here to jump to shop at Shrimpton Couture

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