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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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I Heart Tamara

If you are a regular you know how much I love Tamara Mellon. I think she is brilliant and I have followed her career forever. I think she is one of THE smartest woman in fashion. Hello people, she is responsible for both Jimmy Choo AND the Halston re-launch.

And I have heard that she is obsessed with collecting vintage Halston pieces. How can we not be long lost BFFs based on that fact alone. I have some saved Halstons pieces just for the day she comes knocking as I would let no one else have them except for Moi.

I love when I can post a great picture of her so was pelase to see this shot of Tamara attending the Met Gala.

I want this jumpsuit so bad I could die. It is insanely gorgeous. I am now in perma lust.

I also had to post this photo since we are taking Halston.
Super model Paulina Porizkova also wore Halston to the event.
Don't you love that color?
I know, I know
I am obsessed
Sigh so kill me
But please ...
bury me in Halston?

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