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Shout Out - The FashionList

I was asked to do a GUESTList article for TheFashionList- click the link to get the whole story! Thanks Guys - it was great to work with you on this and Meredith is the BEST. Please go check out their site after - it THE site to be a part of if you are in the fashion industry!!

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vintage red dress

Shrimpton Couture

Collecting vintage, just like art or antiques, can quickly take over your life so be forewarned. Once you feel the beauty of a silk dress from the 1940s, marvel over the construction of a 1950s couture cocktail dress, die over the sexiness of a 1970s maxi dress and fully realize just how forward and modern a girl who wore that flapper dress in the 1920s HAD to be – well you are hooked...

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super dress

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