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Spotted - Victoria Beckham

One of our favorite vintage loving girls was spotted at the airport wearing her own line. The dress is from her Fall 2009 collection. She has paired it with Christian Louboutin boots and her basic black Birkin.

Victoria always gets dogged a bit for being so dressed while at the airport. You do see a lot of people schlepping about in jeans or sweats when you fly don't you? I stand firmly on the side of going glam. First of all, a dress is just as comfortable as jeans. Second there is something glamorous about flying isn't there? Personally, I yearn for the days when we all traveled with those immense hard backed trunks. Although in my fantasy world there are very polite and helpful porters to carry them of course. Third, well I just like to dress up. There are girls out here who just like to be dressed you know. I tend to "dress" and the irony is, I am always the first one ready and out the door. Its not hard and when you have a great wardrobe and know a few tricks, the cold hard fact is that to put together Victoria's ensemble takes about
let me see......5 minutes?


Seriously, how hard is that?

Don't be afraid to go a bit glam people. Why can't a girl travel and look fabulous. I know you will probably read multiple blogs today dogging her for being overdressed yet again. But in your heart of hearts, don't you want to have a little travel in style moment too? Wouldn't it be nice to shed the casual gear just for a day and wear your most fabulous(and hopefully vintage) dress in the middle of the day for no reason, occasion or specific event.
Try it.
You might just be surprised how fabulous it does feel.


WendyB said...

I like that she dresses up too. For those who don't: There are a million badly dressed people to look at, if that's your thing.

Alba_Shopaholic said...

I love her boots!!! Christiam Louboutin is so cool

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