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Wrinkly Sluts & Pretty Dresses

Bet that header caught your attention didn't it? I feel so bad for blogging at random lately that I decided to do one big post this morning and just pile you with news and dresses.

My friend Wendy Brandes was recently the target of one of those pleasant anonymous commentators who think that under the cover of anonymity they can be dreadful human beings and say things they would never say in front of others. They called her a wrinkly slut and Wendy, being well, Wendy, immediately turned it into a badge of honor and with the help of her friend Tina concocted a drink for us all to share. Link here to read Wendy's post and to get to the recipe for the Wrinkly Slut. When you make it and try it out for yourself, please raise your glass to the sky and say Cheers to wrinkly sluts everywhere

In other non wrinkled and non-slutty news Natalie Portman was spotted out and about in what is being touted as vintage Balenciaga but is really from the Fall 2004 collection. Its nice to see that concept of vintage is now so mainstream that it allows even famous fabulous girls to re-wear what is really not a vintage dress but a dress from a few seasons ago. It is a lovely dress but looks like it should be fitted a bit more through the chest no? Every girl needs a good tailor!!

Demi Moore, who is also not wrinkly or slutty looks impeccable in her Versace gown. She is really a beautiful woman and knows exactly how to dress to shoot her frame.

Demi and Ashton are both on twitter and judging from their senses of humour that you see in their posts there, somehow I bet if they get wind of the Wrinkly Slut drink craze that they will both raise a glass - maybe a glass or two in Ashton's case, not that I am implying anything - he just seems to be a fun kind of guy.

And Eva Longoria also looks impeccable in her Ports 1961 gown. This really is a label to watch. Tia Cibani is doing a fantastic job with this label and it is really a huge turn around. Ia m surprised it does not get more press then it does actually. Although I guess if stars like Eva start to appear in it regularly it will soon get the recognition it deserves!!

PS. Check out Wendy's website here
she designs gorgeous jewelery besides being a terrific blogger!


WendyB said...

BWAH! Thanks for the support. We wrinkly sluts needs a lot of support, what with the wrinkles and sagging and whatnot.

Chloe said...

I can't get enough of Demi, she is about 40s, she's still hot, damn sexy! And her husband, makes me even more to be her!! Be like her, that old but still hot, hotter than Mega Foxx for sure!!

She looks very pretty that night, I adore her, she is great!

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