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Vintage at The Met Gala

There was a TON of great vintage at the Met last last - many of the sources I have used here have full coverage of all the great dresses but I only pulled the vintage ones. Hop over to my friends sites mentioned at the bottom and see the rest if you like!

Marissa Tomei looked STUNNING in her 1940s Adrain gown.
There is nothing in the world like a great 1940s gown!!!

Mary Kate Olsen wore vintage Christian Lacroix Couture that is not photoing well at all sadly

Model Natalia Vodianova wore a Fortuny (lucky girl) that apparently her husband bought her (double lucky girl) She is shown here with Nadja who looks to be wearing the Lanvin one shoulder dress Katie Holmes has been seen wearing in the past

And finally, the stunning Eva Mendes is wearing Calvin Klein from the archives and looks every bit the goddess!!

I will update post more as and if I find em

Rachel Zoe has tweeted that she wore vintage Sprouse and I have asked her to link me to a picture - there are some head shots of her on her face book but they don't show the dress .....crossing fingers she sees our tweet.......
PS Please check out the NEW Shrimpton Couture too
maybe you will find YOUR vintage treasure today

Sources: here & here


being red said...

MKO's dress is STUNNING. great collection of photos from the gala! have a good one! xo

Denise @ Swelle said...

Wow, there are some stunning looks, just what we want from this event! Christian Lacroix is a favourite and Mary-Kate has a knack for getting away with clothes that shouldn't work on her.

I don't mean to 'dirty' up your blog, but I couldn't help but notice that Natalia Vodianova's husband, who is standing beside Nadja, has got a show of his own going on in his pants!

Might said...

Are we sure Eva's dress is vintage? I had read that Costa designed it specifically for her, for this event. In any case the handsome Francisco was definitely her date. Assuming he designed the dress (which would seem logical, no?) it can't be vintage, can it? He's hasn't even been head designer for Calvin Klein for ten years yet.

Shrimpton Couture said...

You might (get it) be right! I have read both that is was vintage from the archives and a custom. Rachel styles her - maybe if she answers our tweet we can find out from the source!!

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