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Celebrity Vintage Spot - Rachel Zoe

Here is a Celebrity vintage spot straight from the source!

Rachel Zoe posted this chic ensemble picture on Twitter today with the following caption

"filming interviews for RZP2 all day and prepping for an Entertainment Weekly shoot tomorrow...wearing my fave 7 Ginger Jeans, Alexander Wang top, vintage Chanel jacket, vintage YSL cocktail ring, and a Chanel necklace xoRZ"

Can't wait for season two of the Rachel Zoe Project

And Rachel if you are reading this I have a request - can you make the powers that be, do a full run down of what you are wearing on the show episode to episode
and give props to both the designer duds and to the vintage throughout the season

There are so many girls who like the idea of vintage and are not sure how to work it into their day to day wardrobes and you do a terrific job of doing just that
share please!

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