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Celebrity Vintage Spot - Thandie Newton

I was especially glad to see this celeb vintage spot because Thandie not only looks wonderful in this dress but the dress is a silk taffeta. Silk taffeta, like silk velvet seems to be one of those fabrics that have fallen out of fashion favor and its just a shame. There are so many lovely 1950s frocks made of this fabric that get overlooked as being a little too "old fashioned". Perhaps seeing Thandie has changed your mind? Would you wear this fabric?


Miss Peelpants said...

I would wear silk taffeta, but I must admit that my heart sometimes sinks when I see it - because it's such a bugger for iron shine and really difficult to clean (and don't you dare get any water near it or else it will mark etc etc). So....it's a high maintenance fabric, possibly even more than moss crepe. Perhaps that's why it's fallen out of favour?

Denise @ Swelle said...

I would indeed wear it if I could look like this! Thandie Newton always wears amazing and interesting dresses. But I think you have to be as tiny as she is to get away with a skirt that boasts that much fabric!

Anonymous said...

yeah, thats a very hard fabric to wear. And it just seems like a pain in the neck to maintain! Love the dress though. I wish it was as easy to care for like lace!


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