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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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CFDA Vintage spot - Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen wore this fab 1930s studded orange crepe gown last night.

I have seen some less then flattering shots of Ashley floating the internet today and deliberately searched till I found this one that puts both her and the dress in a more flattering light. I have yet to find a back shot and wish I could - these gowns where often cut to be strict and severe at the front and then cut low or left bare at the back. The back was the erogenous zone then and when I see some starlets on the red carpet these days with everything they have hanging out I sometimes wish for the days when it was the unexpected flash of bare skin that made you take notice.....

Twitter to the rescue - a few moments after I linked this post to my twitter feed I received a message from @RococoVintage who found this shot.

Its not a full on back shot but you can see that the stud design goes all the way down the back and there is definitely a hint of skin!
Just fabulous!

Update #2
My twitter friends rock - @NoirGirl found a straight on back picture for us!

PS these extra pics both came from Celebrity Gossip - thanks to them as well!
PSS Twitter is fun - follow me!


WendyB said...

I like it, of course!

Dream Sequins said...

She's looking great.

FashionConsciou$ said...

This is a gorgeous dress! love the colour and the detailing.

Amber said...

that dress is lovely !

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