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OK so now that the fight over the proposed Design Piracy Prohibition Act in the USA is under full swing are we going to have to endure countless stories of how designers are copying this person and that?
I am already dead bored.
The latest under attack is Nicholas Ghesquiere at Balenciaga.
His gorgeous leather jacket from the 2010 cruise line is being dragged through the fashion mud as being a too-close copy of the famous 1960s East West Musical Instruments Parrot jacket pictured above to the left


Do you know how many peices of clothing are out there based on vintage designs?

Do you know how many great designers actually have their interns and assistants do the work for them.


There are only so many versions of a dress or a jacekt one can make until you make something unsellable. I love vintage, I stand by the integrity of vintage but I also love seeing what a designer can make of it when they give it their own twist.
A buttonhole for buttonhole copy? Yeah that is wrong but the jacket above to the right is most cetaintly NOT the jacket above to the left.
Get off your soap boxes peeps.
Aren't there dying children, starving people, wars and animals going to extinction that you can focus on?

Oh and really nice jacket Nicholas
I might even buy one


Denise @ Swelle said...

I know, but it makes me wonder what a designer does once he or she becomes the 'creative director' of a fashion house if the design team and interns are doing everything and the past and indie designers are providing the inspiration. Kind of a sad day for design, isn't it?

Man, that jacket is cool but it's just way too close a copy. Better for it to be introduced by Ghesquiere as an homage to the parrot jacket than just send it out there as an original design. Because it ain't!

WendyB said...

I basically agree with you on this...

Eris said...

I partially agree with you on this... Ready to wear is no longer a creative endeavor, but a business. If you have an approach to the clothing as a money making machine, then when a designer is HEAVILY influenced by a specific piece, then I think its not an issue. It is based upon trends. My main problem is when magazines and consumers say that these designers have artistic and original vision.
I agree that designers are heavily influenced by vintage and they always have been. This is not the first time Ghesquiere has done this. In Spring 2002,he directly copied (and admitted it) a Kaisik Wong vest. Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs, while having cute clothes are business people and not artists.
Perhaps I am sad that Haute Couture is dying (Saint Laurent's death and the liquidation of Lacroix). For me fashion is an art form, not just a trend.

Market Publique said...

You go Cherie!

Plus, what will be considered 'too similar' and how will they prove who made it first if they are both new designs?

It seems to me that this advantage is more of a win for the big corporations who can rip off vintage or indie designers and then have a ton of money to throw at their lawyers.

I say let fashion be the creative machine it is now, were variations DO make a difference and people can get a certain style at different price points (compromising quality of fabric and fit, of course). And have the lawyers defend real crime victims instead.

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