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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Real Life Vintage Spot

While cruising through the posts of some of my fellow bloggers this morning, I spotted this photo of this beautiful girl in her pretty dress & floral accent at The Sartorialist

Doesn't she look simply stunning? So fresh and pretty. I love how she took a little 1940s dress and paired it with flowers and brogues and patterned tights. and it all looks completely light and sunny and just wonderful.

I also was a bit taken aback as it is eerily like a dress I had just had cleaned and prettied up and have only just finished editing the photos on.
It's slated to go up on the site later today.

They are not exactly the same of course, that would be too much of a vintage coincedence - but they are awfully close!

getting your own outfit ideas yet?

This dress is now posted - click here to jump

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