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Stealing Wendy's Post

My friend Wendy Brandes did this post this morning and I have clipped it and am blatantly stealing it because I, like Wendy, prefer to take a stand when things are wrong and people are mean to other people. Shame shame shame that this happened and made Susie feel bad about herself. The team at the Hogg studios need to stand up, take responsibility and apologize.

My own regular blogging will ensue later. Please take the time to follow through the links - if one does not work jump direct to Wendy's post here

Wendy's Post:

......But I'll tell you what really grinds my gears. A designer named Pam Hogg. She specializes in designing shiny catsuits best worn by pop stars and celebrity spawn.

Image from Stylefrizz

You regular gals who don't want to look like C-3PO on the stroll can get the more conservative dress version of the look for 795 pounds at Browns.

Click the photo for more info

The mere existence of this stuff doesn't grind my gears. What bothers me is that gorgeous blogger and fashion adventurer Susie Bubble boldly modeled some of the Hogg catsuits for a fun post -- only to have Hogg's people complain that it was "bad publicity." Susie, being the nice person that she is, took the original post down. I, being the bitch that I am, say, "Welcome to the world of bad publicity, Pam Hogg!"

I also want to say to you peeps that there are a lot of designers who are thrilled by your enthusiasm for their work. I am always honored when customers or admirers post photos of my jewelry. I started a fan page on Facebook just to share those pictures. Basically as long as you're not stealing my designs -- or making off with one of my rings (that can only be forgiven once, Britney) -- take as many pictures as you like and let the world know how awesome I am! I know my designing friends Christian Francis Roth and Zang Toi feel the same way. So if you're going to spend your money, spend it with those of us who appreciate your fine asses! Do we have a deal? I think we have a deal! Just don't buy stuff, wear it and return it. Now THAT will piss me off.

UPDATED TO ADD: Racked.com posted on the topic with two of Susie's photos. Susie looks like a beautiful robot, no? My robotic Hogan shoes would complete the look.

Photo from Stylebubble via Racked


WendyB said...

You can steal my posts any time! :-)

Jill said...

Wow! I think she looks darling in it...and her hair is a perfect foil! Imagine what they would think if I tried to cram my 5' 3" 135lb bod into it...the horrors!

Catalina said...

The funny thing is that I didn't think the bodysuits were all that cute, UNTIL I saw Susie in one. Then all of a sudden, they seemed cool.

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