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Feathered & Fringed

Hello dears, Angie from Norwegian Wood here again. I'm popping in to let you all know that as of tonight, all my goodies for the Shrimpton Couture site are in the mail, on their way to the protective and able hands of Cherie! Over the next few days I'll post pics of the 6 pieces I created for this mini collection; 4 deluxe harnesses and 2 very special necklaces.

The first piece I'm SO excited to reveal to you is the Feathered & Fringed harness! As any of you who are followers of Norwegian Wood know, I'm pretty obsessed with the idea of adding things to my shoulders, so when Cherie told me to "go wild, do whatever you want!" my mind immediately screamed "put feathers on your shoulders, do it, DO IT!!"

So the next step was to find the perfect feathers. I hunted down these lovely vintage feather pads at a small local trim shop, and snipped and trimmed them until they were the perfect little shoulder sized half moons. Then I laid them out on the shoulder pads to have a look and thought....

"Huh. Doesn't really seem "WOW" enough. It obviously needs some fringe."

And of course, why stop at one layer? I was inspired by the natural colours in the feathers, and decided to do three layers of fringe in olive green, cream and black. Finally I felt satisfied and began putting the harness together. I recently found these great antique brass coloured clasps, but was only able to find six of them, so I knew they had to be saved for a special project, and this one seemed to be calling out for them. I toyed around with adding more straps or adding something else to the bottom of the harness, but in the end I decided that anything else would just compete with the feathers. Time to listen to my moms old adage "Angie, for gods sake, don't gild a lily!"



SOS! said...

angie is so creative!
xx-LJ from SOS!

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