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Punk Ballerina

Hello lovelies, Angie from Norwegian Wood here again! Did I mention that I like to mix opposites when I design? Probably not (since I've only blogged here twice before) but blending opposing styles is one of my favorite things to do, just to mix things up a bit and see what the results will be. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much, but when it DOES work, the results can be magical.

This next harness is the embodiment of this idea, the mixture of tough studs and faux lambskin perfectly temper the delicate mini-pleated sheer fabric and the art deco inspired clasps. Without the studs, the harness would be too girly, and without the ruffles, it would be a WEE bit too S&M, which is a WHOLE other market that I'm a little wary to get into....as it is I already have enough dudes on Flickr favoriting pictures of me in knee socks and tights....ew.

This design started simply while I was at one of my favorite trim shops here in Montreal, and I stumbled upon a bag of black faux lambskin covered elastic. It was just shoved in a corner on a shelf, and when I saw it I had one of those grabby panic moments where I get all paranoid that someone is going to come up beside me and snatch it right from under my nose (I get a similar feeling when a stylish girl stands beside me while I'm thrifting...doesn't everyone?) So I quickly grabbed it and proceeded to carry it around the store like a baby. I'm in love with this elastic, it's as simple as that.

So I tucked it away in my sewing room, trying to imagine the perfect project, because experimenting with it and making something less than stellar was just NOT an option. So once again, when Cherie contacted me about this project, this was one of the first materials I thought of using.

I had also been hoarding away the vintage sheer pleated fabric for at LEAST 10 years. I know. Ridiculous. This means I have moved this fabric across two provinces and five apartments. My name is Angie, I have an addiction to vintage fabric. So I was happy when I pulled it out and finally had the perfect use for it. The clasps were something I sourced out specifically for this project, I love the art deco style detailing and the pewter colours. These were again something I found in another favorite trim shop, where the little old man who runs it will often pull things out of dusty old boxes in the back room, just for me! The studs were the final detail, and as soon as I held one up to the harness to see how it would look, I knew they would be the finishing touch. That little bit of toughness that was needed lies in those studs, the perfect balance for a punk ballerina.



supayana said...

This one's beautiful Angie!

I feel your pain re: vintage fabric hoarding. I have this bit of vintage lace that my mom gave me, and she brought it with her from Russia. Ahhh!

Anyway...can't wait to see the other pieces you made!!!! These are soo fun!

Sandra @ Debutanteclothing.com said...

I love this! Such a clever design. I would totally rock this.

SOS! said...

love the contrast between the sheer pleated fabric and the studded leather...
xx-LJ from SOS!

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