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Sprouse? YSL? YEP

Some fab and rare pieces are now listed at Shrimpton Couture
just waiting for you to snatch up!

First up - this 1995 Stephen Sprouse for Barney's!
This was a short term collection he did exclusively for Barneys and is extremely collectible!

Its a ton brighter then its pictured
that true neon pink that you see on the Sprouse prints so popular over at Louis Vuitton

And just for a little celebrity linkage - Agness Deyn was recently spotted out and about in HER vintage Sprouse jacket (I like mine better)

If a Sprouse isn't fab enough,
how about an insanely gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent piece from the late 1970s?

Killer seamed sleeves

Classic fabric placement to create visual interest and a pattern reminiscent of Yves many holidays in Morocco

and did I mention its a sexy little mini too?

Click here to see ALL the gorgeous mouthwatering vintage and reconstructed pieces from vintage just listed!!


Ang said...

Love the Sprouse...and oddly, Stephen's muse, Terri Toye, lives only a few blocks from me! Haven't met her but she's a friend of my hairdresser's.

The pink is smashing!


David Toms said...


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