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Golden Flights

One of my favorite things to do here in Montreal (where Norwegian Wood is based) is to check out the local flea markets, or Marche Aux Puces as they're called here. We try to go pretty often, and after awhile you start to get to know some of the vendors, which is my secret to getting all the really great stuff. One of my favorite vendors is a woman who only sells jewelry. Necklaces, bangles, earrings, pins, everything you could imagine is in this womans stall. So I always make a point of stopping in for a visit when we go. On a recent trip I found the most incredibly confusing necklace, but was mesmerized by it.

Frankly, it was ugly, it hung weird, it made no sense. It was the perfect example of an object that is LESS than equal to the sum of its parts. Meaning...the components were great, but the way it was put together was horrible. So of course I bought it and took it apart, and many parts of this weird necklace ended up in this one-of-a-kind "Golden Flights" necklace, which is one of my favorite necklace designs to date!

I combined these vintage components with some new metal details (chain, rings, studs, etc.) and added the leather neck strap, which I'm in LOVE with. I love the colour of the leather with gold metal, I love the scratchy pattern embossed into the leather, and I love the soft but sturdy feel of the leather.I wanted to carry over the theme of the bundled feathers from the previous necklace I did, but this time I used a combination of rooster hackle feathers and black spotted pheasant feathers. I think the grey in the pheasant feathers adds a nice third level of colour into the bundles, and the little black tips add a nice graphic touch.

The small leather tassles are also placed throughout the feathers and on the top tier gold chain. The small gold stud was used on all these mini tassles, they're so tough yet refined, the perfect pairing for this piece.


Update from Cherie:
Sorry this one is now SOLD only FOUR pieces left!
Go peek now to grab yours!


Anik L. said...

Love it !! Thats a beautiful necklace !!


June Paski said...

loveee ur necklaces, it's very beautiful!

Make Do Style said...

Great statement piece!

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