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Launch & Lunch Picture Post

Yesterday I attended the Fashion History Museum's Lunch & Launch. Many of you in the vintage community already knew founders Kenn Norman and Jonathon Walford and made me swear a solemn vintage lover cross my heart promise to share pictures of the event for those of you who know and love the guys but could not attend. So with camera in hand & my Alexander McQueen's on my toes, My Guy & I spent a very pleasant Saturday afternoon joining Kenn & Jonathon at the festivities!

My Guy is the best to bring to soiree's - within in moments he had full wineglasses for us both and had found this lovely couple to chat with. Catrina (pictured here on the right, with her guy, artist Francesco Galle in the middle and My Guy on the left) originates from Italy and is a Textile & Costume conservator. She helped to restored the Marie Antoinette dress at the ROM (you MUST click and see this podcast on the process, Catrina does not make an appearance but it is fascinating none the less). She is an amazing girl and I am hoping to have her guest blog in the future about the restoration process

Jessica Biffi (Jessica was on Project Runway Canada) attended the event to unveil her winning design from one of the shows challenges that was subsequently produced by Winners. An example of the dress is now a part of the Museum's permanent collection (pic of it is further down) and I snagged this shot of Jessica and her mom. Jessica is showing at the Toronto shows in September and you just might see more of Jessica around Shrimpton Couture one day - but that is for another post

Gift bags with Jonathon's book on paper dresses were on every table.
We had a tremendously fabulous lunch (it was at the Artinsale Cafe & Bistro) and the wine flowed non-stop, but that is not of course why this photo is blurry, oh no

Me and the boys
Jonathon, moi, Kenn & My Guy
I am wearing a 1970s printed silk Jean Muir dress from my personal archives
I learned that you should NOT take indoor photos in front of a big window flooded with sunshine. This is the only shot that came out even half decent

From lunch we went to the "Open Drawers" exhibit that will be on display at the Guelph Civic Museum till September 6th. Pieces from the late 18th century to the present day will be on display. Here are some highlights of the collection:

This pink confection of a dress is entirely made of paper!

and this was my favorite piece that the collector in me instantly lusted for - a very early 1919 Jeanne Lanvin dress. Its stunning!

The big unveiling of the dress by Jessica Biffi.
Doesn't it look like even the mannequin in the Ceil Chapman is looking on?

Jessica's winning dress (the green one in front)

Feel free to contact Kenn Norman if you would like to donate to the museum - they are looking to purchase a permanent place for the entire 8,000+ collection and any funds are appreciated - email him at kennnorman@rogers.com or call him directly at 519.267.2091 (Cambridge area) or 647.328.0017 (Toronto).
The boys also have a blog you can check out here


Ang said...

wow, somehow I missed that you were going to this! Lucky you! Everything looks amazing. You look smashing in that dress but cannot imagine how you wore those lethal looking heels!!


keenonboys said...

great dresses! thanks for taking the pics.
you looked great in that dress and of course those alexander mcqueen shoes are to die for.

Lizzie said...

I am trying really hard not to be jealous, I really am! What a great day for Jonathan and Kenn, and it looks like everyone had a great time. And your dress is stunning!

laurakitty said...

You look beautiful! That dress is fantastic! It sounds like you had a great day- maybe I can make it up there for the opening.

smashingbird said...

great post, you look stunning!

Make Do Style said...

Fabulous stuff and I was very impressed with the restoration stuff. The original Lanvin dress is utterly divine and amazing to see - lucky you! And your outfit was wonderful.

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

I'm so glad you were able to go to the luncheon so the rest of us could see it through your eyes. And, darling....you look marvelous! Your Jean Muir dress is stunning!

Sandra @ Debutanteclothing.com said...

I'll say it! I'm JEALOUS! The event looks like it was a huge success. You will love Jonathan's book. I recommend all of his books actually. His shoe book is stunning!

You look adorable in these "natural" shots. LOL. I hate taking pics of myself so bravo.

Anonymous said...

The Lanvin dress is to die for!!


Designer Lingerie said...

You look really beautiful. The dresses are wonderful. I just love them. I am impressed with this fantastic post and the great pictures you have shared with us. Thanks..

Toni Loren said...

Great web site you have here. Very impressive.Thank you for posting my pink paper dress. I would love to meet you at the next Fashion History event. Toni Loren

Beau Dame said...

Some fantastic images you have there!
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