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NEW Glamourai Pieces are now in!

Kelly did the most fabulous blog post highlighting one of her new pieces now available for pre-order at Shrimpton Couture:

as i've said before, when it's blisteringly hot out, i like to keep cool by icing off with buckets of bling. well today ~ once again ~ this trick is working for me! it's practically 100 degrees out, and hence too hot for copious clothes, but thanks to a double dose of crystal-lite jewels i don't feel underdressed.

hot or not, lucite bangles are a standby of mine. i've collected them for years ~ i love how they're quite airy, but add a lot of look. when they're not on my arm, i stack them around tall, tapered silver candlesticks on my dressing table ~ it's a charming storage solution!

speaking of standbys, this necklace is sure to be a style stalwart for some chic shrimpton couture client. without a hint of hyperbole, i reckon it could revolutionize a wardrobe! it could transform a tired t-shirt to totally tasteful, a boring business suit to serious splendor, or a classic cocktail dress into a dream-boat dazzler...

okay, okay... speaking as the girl who is really reluctant to give it up, i admit i might not be the most impartial judge. but just like the old joke about cold poles, it's true that if you get too close to the ice, you might get stuck... and i can't let go!

versace sunnies, vintage earrings, crystal kismet collar (available NOW for pre-order from shrimpton couture!), elizabeth+james sleeveless blazer, h+m bandage dress, vintage lucite bangles, crystal chrysanthemum ring, oh deer! shoes (courtesy of solestruck)

Sorry this one is now SOLD

PS besides this fabulous piece there are TWO more
jump to see!

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Denise @ Swelle said...

She is so amazing. I just might have to have this. I ADORE my Audrey necklace and my bracelet. As soon as I don't look like death warmed over I will post a photo of me wearing them!

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