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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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A Shrimpton + Norwegian Wood Collab Spot!

Beautiful blogger Nic, who authors the blog Vint Junky is a Shrimpton Couture client and snagged one of the pieces from the Norwegian Wood capsule collection the second it hit pre-order.

She sent me the link to her blog post today showing how she styled it
I have copied it in full for you - how gorgeous is she??

Fringe benefits

When the ever enlightening suzie posted that Angie of Norweigan Wood had been commissioned to produce some luxury pieces for the high-end vintage site Shrimpton couture i got over-excited. So over-excited infact that a few minutes and a lighter-bank balance later i had ordered a harness despite recent promises that impulse buys would be a thing of the past.

It arrived early this week and i've been superficially fawning over it's feathery fringed loveliness ever since.....



Studded jkt-Anna Sui/Silver dress-Vintage/Studded bodice-Bitchin & Junkfood/White padded dress-Vintage

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