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Kara Ross!

If you don't already know who Kara Ross is I am shocked because Kara designs some of the absolute loveliest baubles and jewels & bags that a girl could wish for. Celebs where it to death and her peices are in just about every issue of every magazine monthly.

Kara is also a long-time client of Shrimpton Couture (is there a link between being uber fabulous and loving vintage? Really, I think its almost scientifically provable!) and it must also be said that Kara is one of the nicest women on the planet despite the fact that she runs a thriving company and has a schedule like you would not believe.

Kara recently has re-hauled her website over and you need to go and take a peek. Its jammed packed with lots of features and extras. And of course gorgeous gems!

And I would be remiss not to mention that the new face of Kara Ross is Kara's own daughter! How gorgeous is she? I love her 70s supermodel vibe here in this behind the scenes video

She also has launched a new Guest Stylist feature (look for something similar to debut soon on Shrimpton - maybe Kara would even agree to do one for us!) I thought it would be fun to do a bit of a pull from her shop myself.

I started with a dress from my shop

This dramatic 1950s silk velvet backless gown

Then I would add these drop black onyx & diamond earrings from her fine jewelry because they are to die and they have that Art Deco vibe going on

And then because I like some bling and there are no limitations in my imaginary stylist world, I would stack these Diamond Link Bracelets like they where bauble out of a gumball machine and pile em on till someone made me stop becasue I could no longer lift my arms. In fact I could single handedly bring bling back with enough of these pretties

A big bold Black Onyx ring would mix in nicely
and add to my obsessive gold & onyx ring collection

And last but not least - this would go home with me no matter what becasue I am completely and utterly crazy for this clutch - its really one of the best I have ever seen and if you beeatches go rush out and snap em all up before I can text Kara and make her get me one - I will hunt you down. Its called the Felix and its gorgeous.
Personally, I think she should have have just called it "you belong with Cherie right this moment" but that was probably too much text to write out in the credits when it appears in all the fashion rags. right?


JP said...

I die! That's an amazing dress (and you're right, Ross is fabulous!) and I love the look... but what shoes would you pair with it?


Make Do Style said...

The dress is fabulous.

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