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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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A Shrimpton Vintage Spot! Elena!

My MOST favorite vintage spots to do are of clients so when Elena let me see this picture I was THRILLED! Elena hit the town looking devastatingly fabulous in her neck piece from The Glamourai proving that a very simple style recipe work

take fab sunglasses
Add basic black simple cut basics that flatter a girl
Then add pretty shoes & gorgeous classic frame bag
mix with one stand-out piece of jewelry
dash in a self confident "I know I look beautiful" stance and voila



http://twitter.com/Melodesi said...

love the necklace

Jessica- LoLa Vintage said...

That's what I call FABULOUS! :)
<3 Elena!

I need to start accessorizing more, I have to admit, I'm so bad at it.

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