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HUGE mega Catch Up Post

I know I have not been blogging as regularly lately. The shop has been so busy its been hard to juggle it all! So Today I am going to do a HUGE mega catch up post of all the fab happenings of the last week or so! In no particular order - here we go:

First I get hassled all the time about my lack of self-costume posts here on the blog so when I was invited to a dinner party thrown by one of my best friends and UBER talented Interior Designer Lee Ann, of Beaux Arts Interior, I suffered through a mini photo shoot just to quiet you all down for at least a few weeks, les sigh

(wearing a vintage kimono coat that might be listed soon if I don't keep it myself, a Temperley London dress, vintage Chanel necklace & Gucci shoes)

Now on to a enviable vintage costume post:

Kristen Davis wore vintage Milla Schon last week and looked fabulous

Kelly who is the designer behind The Glamouria line, wore her own self designed Crystalline Crumble Collar that was available in the shop up until yesterday but has just sold - sorry peeps - should have grabbed it when you could have!

Meanwhile, my beautiful client and author of the blog Golden Means posted own self wearing another of The Glamourai's creations. How fabulous!

A new semi-precious ring collection just landed in the shop today as well
(CAN you say HUGE? And drop dead FABULOUS - go peek)

And I was pretty pleased to bring an entire NEW collection from the UBER talented Anita Quansah to the site today - She has collaborated with Christian LaCroix in the past - WOW

This 1970s Fish Print gown sold to one of my favorite clients and I was sad to see it go - I can't believe it has not been long gone.
I always have suspected it was a Lanvin but it has not label - bye fishies!

I finally found a digital copy of this picture. I have been hunting for it for a bit - I LOVE the doors and want to use this feel as a possible inspiration for my future permanent studio space. Rustic creams blended with some of the best fabrics on the planet - perfection, no?

I spoiled myself and scooped this coat this week!
Shhhhh don't even tell My Guy a HINT that I did this - will be so in the couture dog house

This is a sneak peek preview of a new Look Book story coming soon, shot by the talented Jennifer Cress - and yes that is this rather NON-sexy looking 1960s silk Travilla -
see what styling can do for a dress - yowza

Speaking of fabulous photos - this is from Kelly's blog today to celebrate her week of guest blogging on - ummm on THE LUCKY MAGAZINE SITE. Yep our very own gorgeous girl is guest blogging there all week. I sent her a couple of skirts from the shop to use for some shoots so you might just recognize this little 1950s Hand Painted Mexican Skirt.
Its famous now :-)

And that was my week!

Bye Bye


princessdominique said...

I love the doors and the kimono coat, I'm speechless! Great catch up!

Make Do Style said...

Fab round up all very glam and entertaining x

laurakitty said...

Love your kimono- I have several from the 20s that I love to wear out. They are so glam.

That shot of Ashley was taken at this building in Long Island City- I worked on a shoot there once and it was amazing. A total feast for the eyes!

Jill said...

You are such a gorgeous chica! I can't wait for my delivery!!


WendyB said...

Love your look! I definitely vote for more pictures of you!

Louise said...

You look drop dead gorgeous ... more pics of you are definitely called for.
BTW I've mentioned your site on my blog www.digsfrocksandbooks.blogspot.com

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