We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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There is so much new stuff.....

........in the shop right now its sort of nutty!
I have been working like a mad vintage couture clad computer geekazoid to get it all up for all my lovelies to see! The easiest way to view all the new pretties is to pop onto my
What's New This Week page, but I did want to show you these three pretties especially:

And this fabulous full length Jean Muir Jersey gown that I am in love with!

I also wanted to share this picture with you. The Glamourai did a post this morning to celebrate the launch of her new fine jewels ring collection for Shrimpton Couture and not only is she wearing an example of one of those pretty pieces, which she paired it with my 1950s Beaded Couture Skirt that you can find here

How gorgeous?

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laurakitty said...

It's crazy but I think I have that same Jean Muir in a different fabric- it happened again!

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