We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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I am completely enamoured

I popped over to the Jak & Jil Blog and saw this pictorial on Catherine Baba.

First she is spectacular.
Second she is wearing vintage
Third the pop of red is fantastic
ans forth she magically manages to ditch the red coat - where did it go?
Did she somehow mind melt with me and its on its way to my house at this very moment?
OK probably not but I had to post these to share.



judy ALDRIDGE said...

Seriously to die for!

ms Givens said...

Her shoes are what I noticed!

alexkeller said...

love it all - but she is seriously talented to ride a bike in those shoes!

fabulous finds said...

now that is a very fabulous put-together outfit! love everything about it...

Jill said...

Look at those sleeves...red lined! Oh...why am I not taller!!

Amber said...

GOSH she is just fabu i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this woman and her beautiful jacket!

lei ann said...

oh...LOVE how she makes the kimono look so modern! must.try.it!

Gleopatra said...

these pictures caught my eye too, I had to post them on my blog. I just can't get over how she goes from looking so glamorous so being so practical on her bike. love.


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